Meet the team:
Family-built Kitchen & Bedroom Business for over 30 years

The Kitchen Xchange Story.

Founded over 30 years ago, Kitchen Xchange has been a labour of love for our family.

Today, our team is led by Kevin, whose passion for design and craftsmanship and support from his wife Adrienne, has been the guiding force behind our success.

Alongside him, you’ll find Mark & Lorraine, who joined our Kitchen Xchange family as Directors. Mark brings a wealth of construction experience from running his own building company, while Lorraine’s eye for detail ensures every project is infused with care.

Kevin, Kitchen Xchange Founder

Mark & Lorraine, Directors

Paul ‘Harry’ Harrison, Kitchen Xchange Lead Designer

Introducing our Lead Designer, Paul ‘ Harry’ Harrison.

Meet our lead designer, Paul ‘Harry’ Harrison, a seasoned expert in kitchen and bedroom design.

With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, Harry adds a touch of creativity to every space he transforms, making dreams come true for our clients.

Leo, Super Fitter

Joe, Super Craftsman

Rob, Super Installer

A team that cares, not just creates.

We don’t just design kitchens and bedrooms; we design spaces that reflect the unique essence of each client.

Our expert team works closely with you, making sure that your personality and preferences shine through in every detail.

Experience the Kitchen Xchange Difference


Your vision, our expertise.

At Kitchen Xchange, we believe that the heart of our business lies in listening to our customers.

Our personalized and friendly approach ensures that every step of the design process is tailored to bring your vision to life.

We pride ourselves on cutting out the middlemen and sales targets, giving us the freedom to focus on what truly matters: you.

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